Northline Group Residential

High Speed Internet

Northline Group provides the internet service that is right for you. Our selection of high-speed internet varies based on your needs. With Northline Group you will have access to exception equipment, reliable service and the customer support that you won’t get elsewhere.
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Unlimited Local Call

Northline Group’s IP based telephone service provides you with the reliability of a home phone and the convenience of a cell phone.
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Long Distance

Northline Group’s long distance service allows you to call anywhere, anytime with quality long distance services. Learn more about our rates and special packages.
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Enjoy the convenience and cost-effectiveness of
the Northline Group residential plan

Northline Group Business

Commercial Internet

Northline Group allows you to customize an internet plan that is affordable and reliable for your business needs. With the best equipment and bandwidth, you will have the speed you need while staying within budget.
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PBX Service

Northline Group can help better manage your phone system without the hassle and expense of extra hardware.
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Networking Service

Northline Group can help you create a professional and reliable network with ongoing support and affordable prices.
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Enjoy the quality and cost-effective business plans
Northline Group has to offer


Northline Group Inc.

Northline Group Inc. is known for providing exception quality services to its residential and commercial consumers. We appreciate our customers and therefore, strive to provide high quality service at competitive prices. We stay up-to-date with technological advances to provide you with the service you deserve. Whether it’s our reliable and convenient home phone service, our high-speed internet, our long distance plans, our IPTV or our highly anticipated app, we have got you covered.

Northline Group Inc. strives for exceptional service and our customer service support is no exception. Our trained representatives are available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. They will help customize an appropriate plan for your specific needs. We greatly appreciate and respect your time and business and know that you will have a positive experience working with us.

Join Our Reseller Program

Northline Group has worked hard to create a reputable name in the industry. Our reseller programs allows you to join a team that respects its partners and consumers, providing reliable services available around the world. With all our latest additions and features, we know that you will be part of a team that will make your customers happy with the quality, convenience and prices we offer.

Our program is also flexible, allowing you to work from home, an office or even on the road. Processing sales is quick and convenient and keeping track of your business is just the same. We have created an interconnected system that allows adding funds, communicating and doing business truly simple.

Become part of our team today. Contact us to learn more about how you can be a reseller.

Partner with Us

We practice business with honesty and integrity. We make sure you get paid on time, every time. We offer the latest and greatest features to our customers. From pin-less calling to mobile top up, you can rest assured that your customers will be happy with the service and convenience they are offered. Our partner web portal is easy to use and can be accessed from your desktop or your smartphone.

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